Affiliated Faculty

Since the inception of the Global Women’s Institute's affiliated faculty program two years ago, GWI has successfully engaged faculty across GWU in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting faculty research in the area of gender and women’s issues. GWI has provided 11 research fellowships to date for faculty across a range of disciplines. Faculty members are granted $5,000 to further their research in gender and become part of an interdisciplinary cohort of fellows.
  • Showcasing faculty work through a monthly Research Luncheon Series. These presentations engage students, faculty, and staff from across the university to feature ongoing GW faculty working on gender. See our upcoming research luncheons.
  • Creating opportunities to be involved in research projects conducted by GWI. Since its inception GWI has secured large bilateral research grants for international research projects on violence against women and girls, and has featured GW faculty on every proposal. Read more about GWI's research project on gender-based violence in conflict settings.
  • Creating venues for faculty to be involved in high level policy and research conversations and events on gender issues.  GWI has held over 50 public events since its inception and GWI affiliated faculty were included in several high level panels and presentations. For example, the US Launch of the Lancet Series on Violence Against Women and Girls at GW included the Dean and several faculty from the Milken Institute School of Public Health. Read more.
  •  Providing opportunities for faculty to work across disciplines on gender and women’s initiatives. For example, the development of I Am Malala: A Resource Guide for Educators (an interdisciplinary, theme-based curriculum for college and high-school students) engaged 15 faculty members from a variety of academic fields.  In addition, faculty from various disciplines ranging from the Humanities to the Business and Science fields were included in a proposal to create a US Institute for Student Leaders on Women’s Leadership at GW.
  • Highlighting funding opportunities to faculty and providing administrative support for awards. GWI researches funding opportunities and makes affiliated faculty members aware of these opportunities and provides assistance in applying for grants and managing awards.
  • Elevating ongoing work of affiliated faculty members and providing logistical and financial support for faculty projects. GWI has been thrilled to be a part of numerous faculty initiatives:  We Share Science and the GBV Fair with GSHED Faculty Ryan White; Bokamoso Youth Performers with TRDA Faculty Leslie Jacobson; and Model Beijing Conference with HIST Faculty Katrin Shultheiss to name a few.  By expanding on faculty projects and providing support and often funding to enhance existing projects, GWI is contributing to the advancement of the gender issues at GW and in the field.
  • Assisting faculty in the classroom by offering lectures and other educational assistance. Numerous GWI staff members have lent their expertise in gender by contributing lectures and other educational support in the classroom for GWI-Affiliated Faculty.
  • Delivering technical assistance to faculty who are interested in projects regarding gender and women’s issues. For example, GWI Director Mary Ellsberg travelled recently to Haiti with faculty from the Nursing School to help deliver a course to Haitian medical students on violence against women.
  • Offering a unique environment within GWU for interdisciplinary collaboration around the cross-cutting issue of gender by convening faculty from across schools and departments. The 2014 and 2015 GWI research fellowship cohorts meet regularly and include faculty from the Graduate School of Education & Human Development, the School of Nursing, the Milken Institute School of Public Health, and departments in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences including History, English, Sociology, Psychology, Religion, and Women’s Studies. Research Fellows have been excited about the opportunity to share their work with faculty from other disciplines and provide feedback to one another in a cross-disciplinary supportive environment.

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