Censored Women's Film Festival


Hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world are abused, mutilated, murdered.  They are silenced, marginalized, bought, and sold.  Often, these atrocities are committed in the name of culture, religion, or tradition.  We must put an end to these crimes.  Numerous groundbreaking films have documented these atrocities to raise awareness and mobilize action. However, these films have been censored through intimidation tactics and political lobbying to interest groups.

That is why Honor Diaries, in conjunction with the Global Women's Institute, are launching the first-ever Censored Women's Film Festival on November 20, 2015. We will use the festival to reach millions, lobby congress, and spark a vital conversation on women's rights to ignite change. In the heart of our nation's capitol, the festival will feature films on women’s rights abuses and presentations from some of the world’s top women's rights activists. The featured filmmakers and their films have all been censored or have received serious push back for exposing women’s rights abuses. Our festival will give them a voice and break the silence on gender apartheid worldwide.

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