Five Things to Know About GWI

January 01, 2016

As we celebrate the new year, The Global Women's Institute is proud to share with you the top five things to know about GWI in 2016. Enjoy!


1. GWI is using data to shine light on stories of violence and abuse.

By connecting research with practice, the Global Women's Institute (GWI) is committed above all to producing evidence that can be used to advance the status of women and girls worldwide.GWI partners with bi- and multi-lateral organizations, NGOs, grass-roots organizations, universities, and key researchers across the globe. 

Click here to learn more about our many current research projects. Take a look at thisTED Talk from our Director, Dr. Mary Ellsberg, as she discusses her innovative research in Nicaragua. Ultimately, GWI strives to develop research that will inform the development of effective policies, programs and interventions, and strengthen our partners' capacity. 


2. GWI empowers students to be the change-makers of today and leaders of tomorrow through student programming. 


At the Institute, we offer volunteer and professional development opportunities. In 2016, we're accepting and filming entries for the GBV Science Fair, and we hope all students (and non-student researchers) will consider submitting. To enter, simply create a short video abstract about your research. Entries will be accepted until March 1, 2016

Students are also encouraged to email
 to sign up for our volunteer listserve and get plugged into the many programs and opportunities coming in 2016.


3. GWI promotes interdisciplinary collaboration through educational resources and curricula.

GWI regularly hosts discussions with distinguished scholars and practitioners to educate the community on local, national, and international issues facing women and girls. GWI also connects university faculty across disciplines to create a network of shared interest, promote change, and support curricula related to global women's issues. 

Current education initiatives include partnerships with GW Affiliated Faculty members, and the I Am Malala: A Resource Guide for Educators. Do you know a school that would be interested in incorporating the resource guide into its curricula? Contact us, as we'd be delighted to share the resource guide with you.


4. Through policy and outreach, GWI is actively involved in creating tangible progress in the field.


We strive to raise awareness and advance gender equality through civic engagement at the campus, local, national, and global levels. GWI utilizes its platform in the university community to try and inspire a new generation of leaders making positive change for women and girls.

Whether we're standing in solidarity with the #ItsOnUs Campaign, participating in annual 16 Days of Activism programming or immigration reform, GWI is committed to supporting universal human rights for girls through policy and outreach.


5. At GWI, the arts are being used to challenge societal norms and advance equality. 

The Arts for Gender Justice is an outreach initiative of the Global Women's Institute, curated by GWI-Affiliated Faculty member Leslie Jacobson of GW's Theater and Dance Department.

Past events have included film screenings; performances and workshops with the Bokamoso Youth Centre from Winterveldt, South Africa; and a performance of the original play, DC Seven, written and directed by Leslie Jacobson. GWI's recent Censored Women's Film Festival, in partnership with Honor Diaries, brought together women filmmakers from around the world to discuss issues of censorship and women's human rights. The Arts for Gender Justice Initiative raises awareness through art about issues of women's empowerment, and challenges harmful norms and beliefs about women on campus and beyond.

We hope you'll participate in our upcoming programs, research and campaigns. Thank you for your continued support! 


Happy New Year,

The Global Women's Institute