GWI-led Courses

The Global Women’s Institute (GWI) develops and teaches courses across disciplines, allowing us to draw on the expertise of faculty from across the various schools and departments to develop educational content focused on gender equality and women’s human rights.

Researching Violence against Women and Girls: Online Course

GWI developed a course for the online Masters in Public Health program insert year entitled “Researching Violence against Women and Girls”. The 2-credit course provides a detailed overview of the intersection of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and public health, given the demonstrated and significant impact that violence has on the health of the survivor, her current and future children, and communities.

The course is offered annually and has increased in popularity every semester it’s been offered, with the number of sections growing each iteration.  Instructors of this course include Dr. Mary Ellsberg (GWI Executive Director), Dr. Manuel Contreras (GWI Director of Research), Dr. Amita Vyas (GWI Affiliated Faculty and MISPH Faculty member), and Dr. Megan Landry (MISPH Senior Research Associate and part-time faculty).

Practicum in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Department

Janine Moussa, Director of Policy and Outreach, will be teaching a graduate level seminar at the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department in the Spring 2017 semester. The once-weekly seminar is a practicum in women’s studies, which accompanies students through their field placement in a women’s advocacy and/or policy-making organization for the Spring semester. The course endeavors to provide a hands-on service-learning experience and the analytic and academic skills to analyze that experience.  Current topics covered in the course include: Reflections on feminist and other social justice movements in U.S. politics; Service Learning and Civic Engagement; Unpaid Internships as Civic Engagment and/or Neoliberal Exploitation?; Learning from Women of Color Organizations about Organizational Survival, Structure, and Strategy; Funding, foundations, non-profit advocacy organizations.

The practicum is a graduate level course, open to undergraduates.