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Safe Campuses

An estimated 20 percent of college women experience sexual assault or misconduct before they graduate.

The Global Women's Insitute (GWI) is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for all students, faculty and staff on college campuses nationwide. By partnering with leading institutions across the country that are striving to take proactive measures and by bringing expert research and knowledge of best interventions, GWI is helping to create campus climates that are free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

Non-traditional colleges, including commuter and two-year colleges, and institutions that traditionally serve minorities have unique needs in implementing programs to create safe campus. Similarly, underserved communities within universities such as minorities, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ persons also require tailored interventions. Using research to develop best practices, GWI is striving to address these needs.  

Identifying best college approaches to end campus sexual assault  

GWI is surveying existing programs on diverse campuses and successful implementation on non-traditional campuses in the mid-Atlantic region.  Working with the Altarum Institute, GWI is helping colleges and universities better understand their own strengths and opportunities to enhance their campus sexual assault prevention and response. GWI’s work contributes to discourse on the topic of campus sexual assault, surveys how programs are implemented, and helps define cultural norms that potentially influence campus sexual assault. With this data, GWI is developing tailored levels of technical assistance and creating an inventory of implementation tools and case studies to guide program design and recommendations.  

As GWI continues to develop effective approaches it will share these practices with other universities and contribute toward the nation’s knowledge base about what works to address gender-based violence in a variety of campus settings.