Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Campus sexual assault is an urgent problem across the country, and GWI leverages its unique position as a research and policy institute within a university campus to contribute to research, programming, and policy change to end sexual assault on college campuses. Located in the nation’s capital, GWI convenes researchers and practitioners from across the country working on this issue to share best practices and cutting-edge data. GWI works to synthesize existing research, best practices, and policies to map the current landscape of responses and chart a research and policy agenda targeting sexual assault on college campuses.

GWI is also actively engaged on its own campus to prevent and respond to sexual assault. Staff members participate in the university-wide Task Force for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, and work on the Sexual Assault Response Consultative (SARC) team, a 24-hour on-call response network for the GW campus community.