Building Leadership

The Global Women’s Institute (GWI) is working across campus to prepare the next generation of leaders with a commitment to promoting gender equality and violence prevention. In today’s world, and in every career path, whether in health, business, engineering, law, education, athletics, the arts or governance, gender-informed analysis improves outcomes everywhere. 

GWI is committed to building scholarship on gender across disciplines by developing courses and supporting student and faculty research. We believe researchers in all fields should have a substantial academic foundation in gender equality and human rights affecting women. 

Students interested in furthering their gender-related career or academic pursuits find a home at GWI, which has:

  • Employed students as part-time employees and interns,
  • Engaged students in an advisory capacity, and
  • Offered students the opportunity to work on GWI projects for their academic practicum and capstone project



Picture of a design with women on the cover on a report manual


Researching Violence against Women and Girls (Online course)

GWI developed an online course for the Masters in Public Health program entitled “Researching Violence against Women and Girls.” The 2-credit course examines the intersection of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and public health, showing the significant impact that violence has on the health of survivors, survivors’ children, and communities.  The course, offered annually, offers expertise from several instructors including Dr. Mary Ellsberg, GWI founder and Executive Director, and Dr. Manuel Contreras, GWI Director of Research. 



Research Days

Three women holding certificates

GWI supports and cultivates leadership on gender equality and violence prevention through a variety of actions, including participating in GW’s annual Research Days competition by sponsoring a special prize category entitled “Women’s Rights in Gender Equality.” To be considered for the prize, research projects must include a focus on gender and women’s issues and demonstrate that the project has a long-term goal of advancing gender equality or the cause of women and girls. Research Days invites GW undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students to showcase their work and compete for prize money. This annual event is dedicated to highlighting the breadth of research and discovery on issues of major disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and global significance that are underway at the university. 


Career Symposium

Woman speaking on a panel at a symposium

GWI hosts an annual career symposium in the spring of each year for students and professionals interested in pursuing a career that advances gender equality. Speakers from across sectors offer insights to attendees, who also have a chance to network and ask questions in small group settings.