Our Work

The Global Women’s Institute (GWI) is a leading organization that bridges research, education and action to advance gender equality and reduce violence and discrimination against women and girls. By strengthening the global knowledge base on gender issues and being a catalyst for change, GWI makes a difference in the lives of women at home and abroad. GWI finds interventions that work, explains why they matter, and takes action to bring about change.

"Across different forms of violence, effective programs have common characteristics: they are participatory; engage multiple stakeholders; support critical discussion about gender relationships and the acceptability of violence; and support greater communication and shared decision-making among family members, as well as non-violent behavior"

Mary Ellsberg

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GWI strengthens the case for change by producing quality research; developing a strong knowledge base about the causes of violence and gender inequality; and identifying effective solutions to improve conditions for women and girls

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GWI instills change by contributing deep expertise; creating opportunities for learning; developing tools for training; and guiding a new generation to be leaders for gender equality on campus and around the world.    


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GWI promotes change by standing with social movements and jointly creating evidence to shape policies, effective programming and smart investments that advance gender equality globally.

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GWI makes change happen by identifying and promoting successful approaches, creating better methodologies, enhancing tools and adapting proven programs for use in more regions of the world.