Global Reach to End Violence Against Women & Girls

There is growing recognition about the prevalence and impact of violence against women and girls around the world. Leaders are taking note of the impact violence has on development, health, economic growth, security and stability.   

The Global Women’s Institute (GWI) is a leading global research organization focusing on violence against women and girls. GWI conducts specialized inquiries, gather critical evidence, and work with leaders to take action and effect change.   

Research is not an end in itself but is the foundation of well-informed actions that produce positive change. GWI identifies interventions that work and explains why they matter.

By providing national and international leaders with the evidence needed to effect, GWI promotes change that can prevent and reduce violence against women and girls globally. 

GWI identifies critical gaps in the knowledge base on violence against women and generate quality research that it shares with the community to improve education and programming, influence policy, and inform actions that support all women and girls to reach their full potential.   



The lancet: Violence against women and girls (Photo of Women in a circle)

Preventing violence against women and girls:  What does the evidence say? 

GWI carried out a groundbreaking and comprehensive review of evidence-based interventions to prevent VAWG that are now being implemented around the world. GWI’s research identified several promising programs that measurably reduce violence.

The Lancet, a premier international medical journal, published the findings in special issue on violence against women and girls. Effective prevention models were found to have common elements: most engaged both women and men, addressed underlying gender inequalities, involved community mobilization, and transformed social norms.  

The editors also  produced a call to action in the issue, providing government leaders with specific policy recommendations for violence prevention.  




Report Cover: Gender Equality and Development (Photo: Girl on a bike)

Building an evidence base: Global review of evidence about how to end violence against women (Review of reviews)

GWI has developed a comprehensive review of the evidence base on VAWG worldwide. The goal of the comprehensive review was to continue to broaden the understanding and evidence on VAWG. The review areas include various types of VAWG, target populations, and services and interventions available to prevent and respond to VAWG.

GWI conducted research and analysis of technical documents, fact sheets, and reports to summarize and strengthen the knowledge base on VAWG, making this information more accessible in order to better inform policies, programs, and interventions that support women and girls. This work was  made possible through the generous support of the Australian Government Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).