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Educating Leaders in Gender Equality

GenderPro at GW

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The GenderPro Capacity Building & Credentialing Program, hosted at the George Washington University in partnership with UNICEF, the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and the George Washington University College of Professional Studies, is professionalizing the gender and development field and equipping development and humanitarian professionals with the skills they need to meaningfully address gender in their work.

GenderPro is a rigorous, competency-based educational and credentialing program for mid to senior level development and humanitarian professionals created to prepare gender professionals to perform their work more effectively, using internationally recognized best practices & approaches and backed by field-recognized credentials. 

GenderPro consists of a combination of online learning and action learning projects facilitated by expert mentors; a competency-based credentialing assessment that can be taken with or without taking the course. 

The second cohort began on Monday, September 16, 2019, and completed this program on Friday, December 20, 2019. This cohort joined their peers in January 2020 for three days of in-person learning. The GenderPro Capacity Building Program will no longer have an in-person component as we work towards increasing accessibility and lowering costs. The applications for cohorts are rolling and can be found by clicking here.


Researching Violence against Women and Girls (Online course)

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GWI developed an online course for the Masters in Public Health program entitled “Researching Violence against Women and Girls.” The 2-credit course examines the intersection of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and public health, showing the significant impact that violence has on the health of survivors, survivors’ children, and communities.  The course, offered annually, offers expertise from several instructors including Dr. Mary Ellsberg, GWI founder and Executive Director, and Dr. Manuel Contreras, GWI Director of Research.