The Global Women’s Institute (GWI) strives to prepare the next generation of leaders by investing in education and raising awareness of gender issues.

GWI regularly hosts discussions with distinguished scholars and practitioners to educate the community on local, national, and international issues facing women and girls. In addition, the Global Women’s Institute connects university faculty across disciplines to create a network of shared interest, promote change and support curricula related to global women’s issues. 

Affiliated Faculty
Faculty members across the university are experts on a wide range of gender and women’s issues, working together to create real change in fields as diverse as law, international affairs, public health, public policy, economics and theater/dance. 

Girls’ Empowerment Curricula
GWI is pleased to collaborate with partners on an online resource guide and toolkit that provide high school and university students all over the world with the knowledge and resources to stand with Malala Yousafzai’s call for education as a human right. 

GWI-Led Courses
Courses across disciplines are developed and taught by GWI, allowing us to draw on the expertise of faculty from across the various schools and departments to develop educational content focused on gender equality and women’s human rights.