Our Approach

By connecting research with practice, the Global Women’s Institute (GWI) is committed above all to producing evidence that can be used to advance the status of women around the world.  GWI supports rigorous, interdisciplinary research to strengthen the evidence base on a variety of issues affecting women and girls, with violence against women and girls (VAWG) as a primary research focus.

GWI uses a mixed-methods approach to conduct research, combining both rigorous quantitative and qualitative methodologies, with a particular emphasis on active community participation. GWI strongly believes in engaging communities at all stages of the research process, from design to dissemination. Not only will this result in the collection of more enriching and useful data, but communities also have the opportunity to develop a sense of ownership over the results. This creates sustainable and community-driven solutions moving forward. The members of the research team at GWI possess strong technical expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research design and implementation. As a core component of GWI, the research team is firmly committed to disseminating results broadly at the local, national, and global level. Strengthening the evidence base of under-researched areas (such as the prevention of violence against women in conflict settings) through well-designed and robust research is a high priority at GWI. 

GWI partners with bi- and multi-lateral organizations, NGOs, grass-roots organizations, universities, and key researchers across the globe to develop research that will inform development of effective policies, programs and interventions, and strengthen these partners’ capacity. Situated within a university, GWI collaborates with faculty across a range of disciplines, broadening and strengthening our institutional expertise.

See below for a list of current research projects:

What Works to Prevent Violence

Conflict-Related VAWG Prevalence: Methodological & Ethical

Comprehensive Review of Reviews

Violence against Women and Girls Resource Guide (available both in English and Spanish)

GBV Science Fair

Education & Violence

WHO Indicators for SDGs

Pacific Islands Prevalence

Candies in Hell +20: Mixed-Methods Study on the Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls in León, Nicaragua

SASA! Adaption in Honduras